Saturday, 4 May 2013

Elephant Village!!

Tour With Tong  - Elephant Village
Tour to the elephant village is available as part of many exclusive and combo tours. Our visit to this place was clubbed with our tour of Tiger Temple.

After the Tiger Temple (check out the blog),we were taken to this lovely Elephant village which is spread along the River Kwai Noi in Kanchanaburi province.

To start with you are warned by your tour guide that its time to get wet and our friend, who would do the honors, need to be bribed with bananas. Its a deal; you feed me well and i would treat you well :). 

Elephants are indeed intelligent creatures. It was funny to see how our elephant started eating the bananas quickly on seeing other elephant approaching :) 

You start by scrubbing the elephant sitting on its back while it splashes water on you.Some for the cleaning ,some for you.

Enjoy the moment,let yourself free
Once you are done giving elephant a bath (or rather getting yourself one :P), you play rodeo. Yes you heard right; the elephant will try to shake you off its body and you have to hold on to it. The play here is that elephant will literally drown you side to side till you are off her back (our's was a she)
Holding on Tight. As if that was going to help!!!
And in you go!!!
Well,you can see who won.But we did not give up.We took up the challenge individually now.

Well let's say the elephant had a laugh.Somebody gave a good fight though.
 This was FUN!!!!  You also get to ride on the trunk. 
Not making it look pretty :P
More at ease!!
Playing around
The balancing act
Time for a ride back

On our way back from the tour we stopped by to see the other end of the death bridge, from where our journey ended.

TIP : Many version of the tours exist with different combinations of the places and the duration. Run through the tours offered by Tong to see what fits your schedule. The tours are well explained in the website to get a fair idea of what to expect.

Recommendation. Do take a VIP tour to tiger temple and elephant village. You would have an unforgettable experience. For other places like fish market and the temple etc, spare another day. 

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