Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Eclair and coffee Fest at Marriott!!

If you love chocolate and refreshing brew - read on!!
Courtyard at Marriott has come up with a sweet and delicious combo.A very different combination which they are trying to introduce in Chennai. People who like to chat or read a book over a coffee,this is just perfect for them.
The combo comes with 5 eclairs and a coffee of your choice.

The 5 eclairs are bite size and are of the following flavors-Dark Chocolate and Orange Eclair,Classic Chocolate Eclair,Mixed Berry Eclair,Salted Caramel and Coffee Eclair and Chocolate and Almond Eclair.
 The eclair platter was a hit.My fav was the dark chocolate and the orange one,it tasted heavenly.Dark chocolate with a dash of orange,totally rocked.The eclairs look like a piece of art.

The coffee options are -Colombian Supremo, Ethiopian Coffee,Kumbakonam Coffee,Rajgiri Pearl and Coorg Blend
 Coffee here is truly authentic,one could actually make out the difference.
The combo is priced at 399 plus taxes and is available at Paprika from 11am to 11pm.So if you want to grab a cup of coffee with a bunch of friends or just want to spend some quality time with yourself,you know where to head now.