Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Ytri Vik

We, the dwellers of concrete jungles, harbor this deep desire to be find escape, even if for some time to a faraway place where you feel one with the earth and its elements. Your imagination will paint a picture of a beautiful quaint cottage by the seaside with the view of snow clad mountains that rise above the clouds. The place so tranquil that it is the sound waves that put you to sleep in the night and the greet you first thing next morning.

Our stay in Ytri Vik brought those fantasies to life. It was by far one of the most beautiful settings that we had stayed in.
Ytri Vik is in Hauganes, Iceland; a 30 minutes' drive  from Akureyri is a spectacular option to spend some time in North Iceland.

As the pictures reveal, you would stay in the most beautiful of setting. The cottages come with a kitchen and you can truly feel at home here.  A hot bath tub comes with all cottages and is a stroke of genius.

You are just 30 minutes away from the main city of Akureyri. Your other key tourist spots in North Iceland are few hours' drive from this place and you can easily plan your day trips to Gulfoss, Lake Myntra from here.

We stayed for 5 days here and had a wonderful time waking up to such amazing views. We cooked our own food and enjoyed all the meals out in the open surrounded by mountains.There are grocery stores in Akureyri ,you need to buy all the stuff from there. If you are following us on snapchat,you would have seen videos and pics of our 5 days stay.
If your doing a road trip and have hired a car,its quite easy to reach this place.It can be a challenge otherwise.It's definitely worth all the money, Iceland is a gem and this stay just made the trip a lot more special.

You can book by clicking here.