Sunday, 22 February 2015

London-Photo essay

Monday, 2 February 2015

Things to do in London for free!!

  London Eye and Big Ben-A walk on the south bank  of River Thames is a must.You can take a stroll as you admire the magnificent Ferris wheel called the London eye and London's famous icon Big Ben.It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe London Eye when illuminated gives a wonderful photo op ,a lot of photo enthusiasts can be seen here.Tickets for the Coca-Cola London Eye can be bought here .Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell on the Elizabeth Tower.A lot of movies have been shot here as London is synonymous with Big Ben.
London Eye was illuminated with pink lights on the eve of Valentine's day.
Picadilly Circus -is a famous road junction which connects Picadilly to Regent Street.Circus in latin means circle,a round open space in this context.Picadilly was surrounded by illuminated hoardings on buildings since 1900s but now only one remains.Coca-Cola has has a hoarding since 1954. The shadtesbury Memorial fountain located at the southwestern side and the hoardings make a striking picture together.A lot of tourist can be found here clicking pictures with the statue of Eros.Fun Fact-In May 2012 the bow string of the statue was broken by a tourist.A fun place to visit.
Picadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square-This certainly is the most vibrant place in London, a 10 min walk from Picadilly station will take you to this open space.There is a lot of fun activities happening here,from celebrations on days like St Patrick' Day,Eid,Chinese new year to filming and photography to street performances.At its center is Nelson's column which is guarded by four lions at its base.The column is topped by Horatio Nelson the vice admiral who commanded the British Fleet at Trafalgar.A lot of cafes and restaurants are around here,you can grab a coffee at Café Nero with the an amazing view of Trafalgar square.

 Millennium Bridge-officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames connecting the bank-side with the City of London. A lot of Bollywood movie stars have crossed this bridge in Hindi movies.The Bridge with the St Paul's Cathedral as a backdrop makes an amazing sight and again a lot of photo enthusiasts can be spotted here.Southwark bridge and Tower bridge can be seen from here.

London Bridge-A walk on the London Bridge as you hum London Bridge is falling down :)

Tower Bridge-Is a combined bascule and suspension bridge close to the Tower of London and hence the name.The bridge consists of 2 bridge towers tied together at the upper levels. The Tower bridge has glass floor and the view from here is breathtaking (P.S-you need to buy tickets for that.Again a great postcard photo place.Best place to click pictures-St.Katherine's Pier, or on the south side of the river along Butlers Wharf. The lift times of the bridge can be found here.

Take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee.Pret A Manger is all over London and serves some awesome coffee
London is quite famous for the street food,we have had one of the best waffles (Wafflemister-Oxford street) and  falafel wraps walking down the streets of London.There is whole lot of food options on the streets,you don't want to miss out on.You will take some yumm memories along :)