Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Where to eat in Prague?

It is no denying that food forms an integral part of your travel experience. Trying cuisines, restaurants, cafes, street food are as much a part of travel as sightseeing. Food speaks much about the place and its traditions.
In our short visit to Prague we found ,tried many different places. In fact, as much as we might have loved what we ate in a particular restaurant, we always tried someplace new for our next meal, brew or quick-bite.
Here is worth mentioning and recommending list ( constrained by time a short trip allows; feel free to recommend more)
It is very popular among tourists as a sweet pastry of Czech Republic. It is made from rolled dough which is wrapped around a stick,then grilled and topped with some sugar and walnut mix.You can watch the video here.
There are many bakeries in and around Old Town which sell sweet bread. There is one bakery where they fill it with ice cream or spread nutella around it.Do try that. Sinful indulgence!!

Kavarna obecni dum
Not your regular cafe; this place has been built to charm. The grand and elegant interiors quite honestly made us feel under dressed. However, those around you are tourists and the place has a relaxed vibe in a contradiction with the setting, albeit in a good way. There is outdoor seating as well if you want to bask in the sun and be closer to the buzz on the streets.
Cake trolley
 Cafe Louvre
 This Café, bearing the name of the world’s famous gallery, has been standing here for over a century, since 1902. Among its guests were Karel Capek, Franz Kafka as well as Albert Einstein during his professorship in Prague. The place is very classy and we loved what the servers wore.There is an outdoor seating area which we loved and chose to sit there.There are art galleries on display, within the building if that is your thing.As we had had our breakfast already ,we settled for some coffee and dessert here.
The banana cake was delicate and melted in the mouth, hot chocolate was thick and coffee was outstanding.
This was an accidental discovery. Our plans were to go to Lavka , a well-located restaurant but could not wait long enough for Lavka to be open for orders. We saw this restaurant across the road and ended up having  an excellent soup and eggs breakfast.

Cafe Lounge
This place has great reviews on many forums.Go early or book a table,this place is always busy. It is tucked inside an alley .Once you enter this place,you know you would not be disappointed.We ordered for eggs in a glass,some salad and coffee.All the dishes were amazing and even the eggs tasted delicious.
This is a vegan place and was recommended by a lot of people. Both of our dishes were mouth watering.The burger was wheat based and crunchy. The stir fried veggies with cashew nuts was so well made.We had a scrumptious meal here. The quantity was impressive.
This place offers smoking, non smoking area and a club. These are different isolated areas within the same establishment. The lounge seating and good music is icing on the cake.
 Glass Bar
This place happens to be in the Dancing Building.We actually were supposed to have lunch at Fred and Ginger-restaurant in Dancing Building. But by the time we reached the Dancing building, we were so full that we directly headed to the Glass Bar. The glass bar has an open terrace which gives some breathtaking views of the city.You can order a drink and go to the terrace.Best place to enjoy a drink with the sun setting over the red roofs of this beautiful city.
 James Dean
A classy relaxed music club with great food.The place has an American touch to it.The servers are very polite and friendly.The theme of the place is red and goes well with the retro interiors and music.
We ordered for some salad,burger and chicken wings.Everything was perfection.We were tummy full with the food and had no place for dessert,but we had already ordered the dessert.Glad we did not cancel it.The chocolate ice cream in the banana split was really dark chocolate,slightly on the bitter side.It tasted yumm.The place is known for its steak,do try them.There are quite a few interesting drinks as well.
Beas Dhaba
Surprisingly Prague has a lot of Indian restaurants.We were quite excited to try the Indian food there.Right in the centre of Prague 1 ,there are 2 Beas Dhaba. The food is good,we had lunch here twice, albeit in different branches. We reached late on both the days so we got kind of cold food and chapati only once.But the food was good.They charge is 19.99CZK per 100 gms.
Another India restaurant which we tried and totally loved was Masala. The food was fresh and hot.Tucked in an alley in Prague7,this small restaurant is quite famous.There were more locals than tourists here.We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here.
Indian Jewel is another Indian restaurant which we wanted to try but could not.

Apart form all the food we had,there were n nos of gelatos before and after each meal.We have started to take our gelatos seriously now. So we suggest ,dont't try the stuff in Old town(we tried and regretted) instead walk to the bottom of the Wenceslas Square and try Angelato.This place without a doubt has the best Gelato in town.Their gelato is freshly made everyday.They change the flavors also every day and are quite creative with their flavors.Taste the gelato before you order a cone.Pistachio,mango and tiramisu are loved by many apart from the regular chocolate and vanilla.Our favourite flavour was chocolate with hazelnut(and it was divine).