Monday, 22 June 2015

Portobello market

Portobello Market happens to be on of the most famous market in the world.The market is along the 2 mile long Portobello road,which happens to pass through one of the most famous area of London called "Notting Hill' thanks to the movie.And yes there is a blue door and a lot of pretty houses as shown in the movie.
Portobello Road has been a market since the 1800s but became particularly famous for its antiques in the 1950s. Now there are numerous stalls offering everything from fruit and bread to posters, clothes, ceramics and music.But the markets is famous for it's antiques section.
It’s also a haven for lovers of fashion, food, books and music.A place for anyone who wants to find something really unique or just loves a great bargain.The market gets really crowded so o early to avoid the crowd.Lot of street food and cafes along the way,do try them.

TIMINGS-Summers-8am to 6pm.Winters -9am to 5pm.

Southern Portobello Road – antiques
Middle of the market – food, new fashion, accessories, household goodsPortobello Green, 
North Portobello – vintage clothing & accessories, collectables
Golborne Road – furniture, food . 
Full street market (like Friday, listed above)and
Antiques Arcades open
Westbourne Grove – antiques stalls between Portobello Road and Kensington Park Road 
Portobello Green has a market selling mostly vintage clothing, but there’s no street market in Portobello or Golborne Roads.
Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday(8am to 6pm) Thursay market is open only till 1pm-
Fruit and veg, household goods, a few clothing stalls, sometimes casual stalls of vintage clothing.
Golborne Road – fruit and veg, hot food.

 How to reach-
2 underground stations: Ladbroke Grove (Hammersmith & City Lines) or Notting Hill Gate, which is on the Central, Circle and District lines.
The following buses stop in or near the market: 7,12, 23, 27, 28, 31, 52, 70, 94, 328 & 452.
Portobello Road
Greater London
W10 5TA
Phone:020 7727 7684

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Mindful chef UK

 Mindful Chef was conceptualised in 2014 by two friends driven by frustration at the lack of healthy food easily available to those with less and less time to look after themselves around crazy work schedules.

The Paleo (or Caveman) diet is the ultimate choice for getting lean.Mindful chef brings that to your door step.They create recipes for you,send the ingredients and you just need to cook.Doesn't that sound interesting and healthy?In this fast paced life,if somebody creates a recipe and send the ingredients to your house,it would be such a blessing. Mindful chefs are doing that for you.

The aim is to provide you the best ingredients possible,the easiest recipes for a healthy lifestyle.There is no pasta, white/brown rice or white potatoes in any of their recipes. Mindful chefs design dishes with nutrient-dense organic British vegetables, grass-fed meat and fish caught by local dayboats. All recipes are very interesting and are created by mindful chefs along with professional nutritionist.
The organic ingredients are picked up on Friday to be delivered on Sunday at your door steps or Monday to your office.They send you 3 paleo meals for 24GBP.

I had the opportunity to try 3 of their recipes.The experience was amazing.The packaging was outstanding.The ingredients were fresh.Each meal's ingredients were in a paper bag which was marked.The recipes were very simple and so healthy.

My meal kit had 3 easy recipes.
The first one was-
Spiced lamb kebabs with caraway and beetroot salad-
As you can see the ingredients were organic and tasted really fresh.The recipe was super simple and needed only a bit of oil.I never imagined that things ingredients can go so well together and make a healthy and tasty dish.

The second was-
Shredded chicken with coconut,squash and tenderstem medley-
Super healthy and yummy again.The veg part without the chicken also tasted quite good.
The third one was-
Roast peppered steak with harissa sweet potato wedges-
The sweet potato wedges with harissa were an instant hit and a regular now.I was amazed how all these ingredients went so well together and made a splendid meal.
All the recipes were superb,the ingredients were no less than the best,freshly picked up from the farms.
I loved the recipes and really enjoyed cooking them as well.They were very simple and hardly needed any time.I felt so good after every meal.
If you want to be healthy and are looking for fresh ingredients and simple recipes,Mindful chef is the answer.They change the recipes every week so you won't get bored.
You can order these meals online.
Here is the link to their site-