Monday, 25 August 2014

Super Large Sunday Brunch- Spice haat,Hyatt Regency

The super large sunday brunch at Spice haat at Hyatt Regency is true to its name,super large.The brunch is spread across this 8000 sq ft Spice Haat.The interiors are inspired by the spices of India.The ambiance and the spread out seating makes it a place for spending a super large time on a sunday.The brunch is spread across this huge haat,from Indian to Mediterranean to Italian to Asian,it has got almost all the cuisines on this planet.To go with the food are some well tailored cocktails,fruit infused mocktails,fresh juices and whole lot of other drinks. 
 The brunch started with a mojito and some starters,veg kebabs,paneer tikka,tandoori chicken and fish.The drink was superb and starters amazing.

While we were enjoying our drink and starters,we were served some authentic chaat by a sweet lady.It reminded us of our childhood,eating murumra from these paper cones.
They have a whole lot of live counters,for indian they got goulati kebab,kuthu parotha,appam.I tried the chicken,mutton biryani,appam,kuthu parotha etc.. and it was all good.They were authentic and tasted really good.

We then went out to try the Moroccan dishes,one dish that we loved was the Pastilla,it was a dish with a whole lot of veggies.There is lot of variety of salads which we quite enjoyed,quite interesting salads with beetroot and feta,broccoli with pineapple etc.There was beetroot hummus which was quite good,the beetroot was not overpowering and tasted like hummus.
The Bar
Kuthu Parotha

Chef- explaining us all about the buffet
Sushies-Veg and Salmon
There is a separate kid area as well so parents can enjoy their meals.They have separate kids buffet and playing area,cooking station.They have mini pizzas.sandwiches and whole lot of candies and desserts.

The Buffet is quite extensive and there is something for everyone.The drinks and the food were amazing,they can work on the smoothies though.For the desserts we had chocolate truffle,meringue,chocolate mousse..they were all good.Friend tried coffee with Kahlua which was quite good,we ordered the colder version of it,and was quite interesting.
The place was almost packed and people were quite enjoying the brunch.You can sit and enjoy as long as you want,nobody disturbs you here.It was quite nice to see people having a good time.Menu changes every sunday so it you don't get bored.
The brunch starts at 12:30 and is priced around 2250 INR without alcohol and with alcohol is around 2500INR.
Hyaat regency,
365, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, India,
  • Tel: +91 44 6100 1234

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Chronicles of Whitefield at Vivanta by taj,Chennai

Vivanta by Taj is celebrating the Madras Week and  they have got executive chef Arzooman Irani from Viavanta by Taj-Whitefield Bangalore.Chef explained us the history behind whitefield and its residents and thier cuisine.The Ango-Indian cuisine was a lot inspired by Indian cuisine.They use a lot of spices to make the dishes flavourful and not spicy.Chef has got a family recipe book handwritten by Harry Blake, one of the original settlers of Whitefield. The notebook was given to him  by his granddaughter.Chef has created the menu with recipes from this book.

They have launched a unique menu of ‘Colonial Hangover’ cocktails – a blend of European spirits and Indian spices.I had the non alcoholic version of Ginger wine,it was just splendid.The sweet and gingery ting blended well together.

 They have come up with unique names like Earl of Raj(earl grey tea, Gin , cinnamon, cardamom, sugar syrup, lime juice and bay leaf),Herbal MaryVodka with parsley, celery, ginger, tobacco sauce, Worchester sauce, tomato juice, Lime juice),Madragas Lemongrass ( Vodka with lemon, lemongrass and pineapple and Sauvignon Blanc), and Good ol Colonel (Whiskey, sesame seeds, honey, fresh pineapple, lemon juice and pineapple juice as well). Colonel Syllabub- sweet white wine, cream, sugar syrup, egg white,lime juice and cardamom.The non alcoholic versions were as goos the alcoholic version.I had the earl of raj(non alcholic version) and it was pretty amazing,the bay leaf added a unique flavour to the drink.

Earl of Raj
The dinner took off with a mulligatawny soup - a broth made with lentils and pepper.A fruity twist is given  to the soup by adding finely cut apples.It had a nice texture and was full of flavours.
 Fried masala prawns as the name suggests were slightly spicy and were tender and superbly cooked.

Mutton ball
Harry's fish curry
Country captain chicken curry 

 For the main course, there were a lot of rice varieties - coconut, tomato, cabbage - along with vegetable stew, mutton ball curry, country captain chicken curry and Blake’s signature dish - Harry’s fish curry.My favourite were the mutton ball and country chicken curry,full of flavours and not spicy.The fish curry was good too with a mustard base.
For desserts we had sooji pudding with  cardamom, coconut pudding and kulkuls.Coconut pudding was the star of the show and was loved by all.
A meal for two, without alcohol, would cost around Rs. 3,500 including taxes.
The  Chronicles of Whitefield” Anglo-Indian food festival is on from Aug22-31 at The Verandah restaurant(Vivanta by Taj-Connemara Chennai located on the Binny Road )

Vintage car rally-Aug'14

Friday, 22 August 2014

Cafes in Pondicherry!!

Hotel De Lo'reint

Hidesign Cafe
La Maison rose

The Promenade

Masala lemonade  Pizza Hut 
VIlla Shanti
Le cafe

Le cafe