Saturday, 28 December 2013

Things to do in Mangalore!!

Mangalore  was named after the goddess Mangaladevi. The story behind goes a long way in enriching the cultural heritage of Mangalore.  It is also one of the major ports in India. Lying on the backwaters formed by the Netravati and Gurpur rivers, it has long been a roadstead along the Malabar Coast.Here are a few things to do in Mangalore.
Marvanthe Beach-It is considered one of Karnataka's most beautiful beaches. It is about 55 kilometres from Udupi and .One hour ride from Udupi will take you to this spectacular sight.Mangalore is at a distance of 110 km. You can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach the beach.
  NH-66 runs right next to the beach and the Suparnika River flows on the other side of the road, creating a spectacular scenery and considered only one of its kind in India.
 The river Souparnika, almost touches Arabian Sea here, makes a U turn and goes westward to join the Sea only after a journey of more than 10 kilometres.The sunset here is one of the best we have ever seen.
 Surathkal beach-It is located 12 km from Mangalore city. 

The beach is close to the NIT college.  The nearest airport to Surathkal beach is Mangalore..
  It is a rocky beach.The smooth sand and the rocks make an amazing combination.The sunset is one of its kind.
 There is an added attraction to historical Sadashiva Temple near the beach  due to mythology.When Lord Ganesha kept Ravana's shivalinga on the ground, Ravana tried to pick it up forcefully and some pieces were scattered. One such piece from the linga is said to have fallen in Suratkal.
 There is a temple and lighthouse which give amazing views of the beach.
 There are no water sports on the beach.But walking bare feet on the soft sand is one experience.
Tannirbhavi Beach is located near Panambur, 10 km to the north of the city, near the New Mangalore Port and along the confluence of the Gurupur river and the Arabian Sea.

It can only be reached by land via Panambur or by ferry via Gurupura river from Sultan Battery.We spotted jelly fishes in huge numbers in the river.The river is full of jelly fishes.It was a sight which we had never seen before.
You can see the remains of a ship which sank 15 years ago near the beach.
 This beach is comparatively deserted and is a great spot for safe swimming.There are a few water activities as well.
Someshwar Beach located near Ullal Railway Station.It is famous for clean & white sands. It is also known for the large rocks called 'Rudra Shile' situated near the beach.
Panambur beach is very close to Mnagalore and attracts a lot of visitors . It gets vey crowded during weekends.So its best to visit it on weekdays.It can be easily reched by bus.

There are numerous places to eat in Mangalore.Cherry sqaure famous for the desserts.Dosa camp for MDC and cheese dosas.Jimmys in falnir for Bonda.If you like chinese then Hao Ming is the place for you.Chicken Shawarma is the yummiest her,Chicken tikka halal MFC are few outlets which serve shawarma.Dino's is famous fo its cheese paprika sandwiche& desserts.Kudla,Kadal,Maharaja,Mughal Treat serve the juiciest chicken.Pabbas and Idle are known for their sundaes,parfait,gadbad,choclate dad are few of the famous ones.
Some like it hot @cherry square
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