Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas in Pondy!

What better place to celebrate Christmas than  Pondicherry.The place has a different feel to it.Being Christmas we expected it be a totally different experience and were not at all disappointed.The place had a Christmasy feel to it.We  reached around the lunch time,we had some starters and drinks at Pizza hut,we did not want to eat much at one place coz we wanted to try the many other cafes the city offers.Pizza hut being on the way to the beach we thought to munch something before  we go for a walk on the beach.
Thai chicken
Masala Lemonade
With our stomachs full, we marched towards the Goubret Avenue.
A lot of tourists can be seen in Pondy all around the year.December being the holiday season the place is full of tourists.
Goubret Avenue gives a beautiful view of the beach.Le cafe happens to be on the Goubret Avenue which offers a great view with food,so we took a break.
Le Cafe
Not that hungry,we ordered a Veg club sandwich and a croissant.The sandwich was quite good and filling.
Le Cafe
A lot of stall are there near the statue of Gandhiji.
We then went to have some coffee at The Promenade(A property of Hidesign).The hotel looked  impressive and we might soon plan a stay there and then blog about it.Here a few snapshots from the poolside cafe.
The Promenade

The director of Gajni was there too celebrating Christmas.A very simple man who stood there smiling for half an hour with folks getting pictures clicked.
A R Murgudoss

The weather was pleasant with cold breeze,the French colony looked beautiful with all the decoration.We clicked a few pictures.The pictures cannot express how the place looked and felt.Our day was made when we saw the beautiful decorations and lights all over the place.Here are a few pictures of the french colony.
Hotel De Lorient
Hotel de L'orient had the best Christmas Deco in town.The blue lights looked amazing.The courtyard of the hotel looks beautiful on any given day,the decoration just took it to some other level.

In the end we went to the Church as we decided to leave Pondy with a greater urge to visit soon :).

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