Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Villa and a summer day in Puducherry!!

Pondicherry has some lovely hotels in the french quarter.These hotels retain their colonial feel.Our last stay at Pondicherry was  at Neemrana Hotel which was wonderful .We came across something different while searching on the internet this time around-Christophe Villa is a 19th century villa, located in  the White town, recently done by 3 partners.We loved the room Jasmine, the room is a bit different from the usual rooms of the hotels,we were smitten by the pictures and went ahead and booked it.

The stay at the villa was superb.We were the only couple so the whole villa kinda belonged to us.Our room is called jasmine and it's different from the other 2 rooms.It has a spiral wooden staircase that goes up to the bed.It was a different experience going up and down.The staircase is quite sturdy.We loved our bed up in a corner and the TV opposite to it.Thanks to the cosy bed,we ended up watching TV till 2 AM in the morning.The bathroom was clean and so was the whole property.
The windows are huge and the ceiling sky high :P
The common area
The villa has 3 rooms,so if you plan to go with friends and need some privacy as a group,this is the right place,you can book all the rooms and have a gala time.Breakfast is simple and homely.The place is just a 5 min walk from the beach and other cafes and restaurants are in close proximity.
Villa Christophe
The French colony  is full of hotels and cafes.We went around eating in a lot of places as we strolled down the beautiful colony.Le Hidesign Cafe was one of those,it is a bit ahead of the french quarter on the Nehru street.The Cafe is on top of the Hidesign outlet.They offer a lot of drinks(liquor included)  and  dishes at reasonable price.The place is not that big but it's decent enough.Sit by the window and enjoy the view with a drink or a coffee.Their menu was very different and interesting.
Menu of Hidesign Cafe
Villa Shanti was another hotel which caught our attention and we couldn't help munching at their restaurant in the courtyard.It's right next to Villa Christophe in a small lane.The restaurant is a fine dining place with a contemporary touch to it.They have a huge variety of sea-food,we were quite full drinking and munching at other cafes,we couldn't try much here.
Villa Shanti
The chocolate Typhoon(mocktail) was to die for,loved the salad and sides as well.The hotel is eco-friendly and try to serve organic stuff.

The weather is getting pleasant as monsoon is approching now and a walk at Promenade gets even better in this season. Le Cafe (read the blog) is right next to the statue shown in the picture below.

 It started drizzling in the evening,the sea looked beautiful as it changed colors and the place looked even more beautiful in this weather.
Stop over for some coffee or tea with some muffins to go along at the Promenade while you enjoy the view of the sea.The restaurant has a cafe overlooking the sea.

 The Promenade has a rooftop restaurant with the sea view.They have brunch on sundays(12 to 3)which is priced at 750INR plus taxes.The usual Lunch and dinner buffet is there as well.

A perfect place to click some nice pictures,the place looks as beautiful in the pictures as in real.
We had a wonderful stay once again.Each time we visit Pondy ,we come across something new.A lot still needs to be explored and we can't wait to revisit and explore the unexplored.

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