Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Poovar, kerala

Poovar is one among the natural wonders where the Lake, River, Sea and Beach meet the land- a rare combination.

Poovar is unspoilt and unexplored, envoloped by the most serene backwaters, and opening out to the sea and a dream golden sand beach.
We took a Boat ride to the beach and back(1600 INR for 2)..The ride was Breath-taking..we spotted a lot of birds,mangroves..Surrounded by water ,trees and the sky,this is one ride Highly recommended..

Poovar was a trading center of timber, sandalwood, ivory and spices. Poovar has been one of the ancient Muslim settlements along the western coast of India.The Central Mosque here is believed to been built by Malik ibn Dinar and his missionary team, more than 1,400 years ago.

It is truly a window into paradise. The tranquility of Poovar is punctuated by the sound of waves and the birds. The area is abundant in well-preserved local flora, with hundreds of species of spices, exotic flowers, complete with banana and coconut groves.

Poovar Beach, near the Kovalam Beach, separates the River Neyyar from the sea. Poovar is basically a fishing village and the only way to reach Poovar is through water. The beach is known for its pristine and virginal beauty. Because of the active fishing population the beach is not really used as a sunbathing spot or for swimming as the currents are quite strong.

We were told by our boatman if we are lucky we might get to see a few birds..he showed the pictures of the birds we might spot..lucky enough we saw almost all the birds we were shown :))) 

Kingfisher-Spotting the birds in Backwaters adds lot of thrill to an already funfilled ride!!