Sunday, 25 May 2014

Chang la!!

The Chang La (el. 5,360 m or 17,688 ft) is a high mountain pass in Ladakh, India.It is the third highest motorable road in the world.The pass, guarded and maintained by the Indian Army (due its proximity to Chinese border), is covered with snow throughout the year.
The Chang La is on the route to Pangong Lake from Leh. The name literally means "Pass towards the South" or "Pass in the South" (Chang = south, La = Pass)

It is falsely claimed that the pass is named after the supposed sadhu Changla Baba, a myth propagated by the dedication of a temple at the pass to the supposed Changla Baba.
The small town of Tangste is the nearest settlement. The Changla Pass is the main gateway for the Changthang Plateau situated in the Himalayas. The nomadic tribes of the region are collectively known as the Changpa or Chang-pa.
Indian Army serves hot tea to the tourists at the tea-point!!
You cannot stay for more that 15 -20 minutes here .You might expeirnce brethlessness and  headache cause of the high altitudes. Enjoy the snow and the views of the snowcapped mountains for a while.Warm clothing with ears covered and appropriate footwear is a must here.Keep yourself well hydrated.
 Places around Chang La pass are the Pangong lake, Tso Moriri lake and Hermis Gompa. 
The road is usually open throughout the year but can be closed anytime cause of snow.
You might experience extreme cold and chilly winds here but the breathtaking views will leave you speechless.