Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Awadhi food festival-Paprika Marriott

Awadhi cuisine is from Lucknow and I have been deprived of this food since long. When i heard of an Awadhi food fest I was quite excited. Awadhi food is mainly dum style of cooking or cooking over slow fire. The food will mainly consists of kebabs, kormas, biryani, roomali roti etc. The ingredients used are rich like mutton,paneer and are full of spices like cardamom, saffron etc. Marriott has got Chef Younis from Mumbai who specialises in awadhi cuisine and has an awadhi food fest on till 21st of july.

The picture below is a dessert and is at the start coz of a big reason.It is called mirchi ka halwa.As wacky as the name sounds it was mind blowing.The thikapan of hari mirchi with the richness of khoya and nuts was spectacular. I was in love with the dessert. The dessert is chefs speciality as well.
The evening started with a lot of info about the kebabs. Chef narrated the stories about the kebabs and how they got their names. Then we were served some of the best kebabs. The galouti kebabs was good and we were looking forward to it.
Next up was Malai prawn,for me to like sea food it has to be excellent else its not for me. This was amazing,i could not have enough of it.
The prawn was perfectly cooked and the spices used were just perfect, it was so delightful.
The veg galouti kebab was quite a hit,it was kind of a sandwich which had paneer stuffed between khoya.
The mutton chops were tender and rich with flavour.
They have masala paneer and malai paneer in the veg starters.The masala paneer is rich with flavours on the other hand malai panner is rich with ingredients malai and paneer.
The starters change daily,the mutton ribs are on the live counter,but the other keep alternating.
The main course had Mutton nihari,korma,biryani,paneer hariyali..

The nihari gosht was so tender that it ripped apart on mere touching. It was cooked to perfection and tasted delectable. It was very impressive. I have to try biryani if its there, its a compulsion and most of the times I am left disappointed with the biryani served in buffets. But this was one was just outstanding; I was blown away by it. It looked so simple but was more flavourful than I could have never imagined. It was so satisfying to have a good biryani after so long in a buffet.
For the vegetarians there is a pulao which looked quite rich.
The place was packed on a weekday.The buffet is scrumptious and is worth each penny.One of the best buffet I have had so far in Chennai.The awadhi festival is on till 21st of july and is priced at 1250 INR.
Courtyard Marriott is on Anna salai.
Don't forget to try the MIRCHI ka halwa.