Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dakshin-Park Sheraton(Times City Gourmet Week)

 American Express presents TimesCity Gourmet Week is the tastiest time of the year. Running from September 1st to 7th in Chennai,it features Times Food award winning restaurants offering specially crafted menus. You can check the participating restaurants here  Gourmet week .

Dakshin is known for it's south Indian offerings since a long time.A special menu with the options of veg,non veg and seafood thali is specially done by Chef Harish.We went for a non veg and a seafood thali.
The dinner beagn with Iyer's special and chutneys.Iyer's special is basically Banana dosa and adai.The chutneys were finger licking good.
Iyer's special

The soups Kozhi rasam and Kalyera rasam were amazing,chicken soup had nice tender chicken pieces in a chicken broth.Kalyera rasam had tender and well cooked lobster.

The non veg thali had a chicken starter Kozhi mundri varuval was small chicken pieces cooked with cashew nuts,mild ting of the cashews made the dish outstanding.Kadamba Varuval of the seafood thali was squid cooked in south indian style,the squids were soft and not rubbery at all.

The non veg thali had a mutton curry,prawn curry and chicken along with other veg dishes.Everything here was so well cooked,the mutton so tender just melted in the mouth,chicken was cooked in Andhara style and was the only spicy dish.

Prawn completely stood out,I have never had such tender prawns anyhwere till now.The quality was superior and cooked perfectly,they melted in the mouth with a crunch.Hats off to the chef for taking such good care of the quality.Surprisingly,that small bowl had around 8 to 10 prawns.
Just like the prawns,the crab was of superb quality and cooked so well.It was the best I have had in my life till now.So soft,had slight sweetness to it,It was served with so much care,they had mixed a bit with the curry masala.Amazing sea food,I am not much fond of sea food but this completely changed my idea about sea food.
We were so full that we almost thought of skipping the dessert,thanks to our server for pestering us to try these amazing desserts.Dakshin being quite famous for its desserts,he made sure that we try.We asked him to just get one scoop but the smart fellow got 2 scoops knowing we would ask for another :).The desserts were mind blowing,Mukkani Icecream, Elaneer Payasam and Badam Halwa.Each one is made with so much love and care.Mukkani ice-cream has three flavours banana,jackfruit and mango,I could taste all the flavours as the ice cream melted in my mouth,so creamy so soft.It is the next best thing after Natural's icecream.It's made from scratch here.The thali is complete paisa vasool,if you are in Chennai or visit Chennai anytime,this is one place you should visit for some authentic South Indian food.
Had an amazing time,enjoyed every dish- a must visit place.
Dakshin,Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers, Chennai
T.T.K. Road, Chennai 600018, Tamil Nadu, India
Tel : (91) (44) 24994101