Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Phuket-Tri Trang Beach Resort!

Phuket is one of the hottest holiday destinations. Those looking for some fantastic beach holiday may want to visit Phuket. It has something to offer for everyone. From those who are seeking risque entertainment to those who want to spend some time in the lap of nature's beauty.
We reached Phuket at 9 in the night via a 1.5 hour flight from Bangkok.We took a pre-paid cab from the airport to the hotel for 800 Bhat, which is steep but the ride was comfortable. The other option is a shared Van which would take you to Bangla street from where you would have to take a Tuk Tuk to reach the hotel
We selected Tri Trang Beach resort after parsing through the options that the internet searches was throwing to us.The resort has its own private beach with corals,free wi-fi and 2 swimming pools and its close to Patong beach. Since October is not a holiday season we got a good deal on the room-rates as well. All this sounded like a reasonable package. 

The resort is neat and well maintained. From fitness to spa to private beach they have all that you would ask from a decent resort. The staff is friendly as well. The rooms were big and neat. They have ocean view rooms as well. Each room has a balcony attached to it.The view from our floor was amazing.

Start your morning swimming and strolling on the private beach!!

Private Beach and the view. Not bat at all!!!

The view of the corals from the balcony. The water is crystal clear.

 NOTE :Be warned that this place is about 5-6 Kms from the Bangla street, where all the actions happens. To make things easier the hotel has shuttle service that runs thrice in a day. Other option is to book a taxi for 200 Baht from the hotel to the Bangla street.While coming back the TukTuk (as they call it in Thailand) will charge 300 Baht from Bangla street to the hotel.
 This would add to your expenses but for those who want peace and quiet but still want to stay close enough to jump in the middle of the action whenever they want, staying in Tri Trang is not a bad idea.

The pool near our room. Nice backdrop
The only chance we had to eat there was the breakfast. The best part was the view the restaurant offered,having breakfast with a view of the sea-Priceless. What a refreshing start to the day
The restaurant
The view from the table

We loved the breakfast.The pancakes were amazing so were the french toasts.The maple syrup could have been a bit better tough.There were  not many options for vegetarians but were good enough to fill the stomach.We overate on both days.There was a live counter for omelets.There were 3 juices.Salad spread was good too and they were quite good to taste as well.They had a variety of rice on both the days,rice was well cooked with flavors coming out really well.

And we ate and ate and ate !!!!!!

Next day before checking out we decided to snorkel after breakfast.the equipments are kept next to the restaurant,they charge 100Bhat for the Snorkel.

The water is crystal clear,one can see fishes with the naked eye as well.
The corals are not colorful.We were quite astonished to see so many fishes.We snorkeled for the first time, so this hotel is going to be special for us.It was a  totally different experience.

First Time Snorkeling :)
Lovely stay. Recommended :)

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