Monday, 7 January 2013

Tuscana on Chamiers

Tuscana on Chamiers launched their new menu on 12.12.12. A memorable date and to top it up Rajnikanth's birthday :).

The management had invited bloggers to try the new menu . The event was scheduled for 4:30PM and as excited as I was I, reached around 4:20PM itself. I had heard a lot about this place from friends, blogs and food-groups on Facebook .This was my very first visit to the place. It is not difficult to locate the place as it is next to a known landmark of Sheraton park hotel .

The first impression of the place was inline with my expectation as the place looked classy. I was greeted well at the gate and their gluten-free menu standee stood proudly near the entry gate. The menu was being showcased on the 1st floor.
We were served juices as welcome drink. Thereafter I tried hummus before anything else and it was good; just the way I like and similar to how I make it at home. The place started filling up with people with bloggers, members of Chennai Food Guide (CFG) club and from food review sites like Zomato. Vipin Sachdev, the owner, arrived after a short while and explained the menu to all of us and how the gluten free pizza has become a rage. The main attraction of the place was the multi grain pizza which was being added to the menu.

The Table!

Vipin Sachdev kept his guests entertained all the time by interacting with them and talking about his experiences as an owner.

We were served starters too; the first one was
Bruschetta of tomato,pepperonata,mushrooms and feta!
The tender chicken with parmesan cheese could have been a bit softer. Personally I like my chicken to be tender, not sure that the chicken was kept that way deliberately. .
Parmesan crusted chicken tenders with mustard and herbs.
Stuffed,Black and Jumbo olives with orange zest,herbs and extra virgin olive oil!
The tartlets were amazing too. Tender cheese with bits of veggies thrown in. The base was soft and crispy.

Cauliflower, leeks,carrot and yellow cheddar tart-lets!
We were told the pizza would be there any moment. Once the pizza started coming in there was no stopping the procession. One pizza came after the next. The first to arrive were the thin crust pizzas and it was good to taste but the base could have been a bit better. Then again it is a matter of personal choice and its best left to the option of customisation for individual customers.
Thin Crust Veg Pizza!
I had been hearing a lot about the gluten free menu and got a chance to taste oneFirst to arrive was Al Pesto- Feta cheese with mozzarella, pistachio pesto and fresh greens of spinach, broccoli and asparagus. The base is made of Bajra that is Gluten free. A really healthy option for pizza lovers. Good for health with hardly any compromise on taste. Bajra is very fibrous and healthy, unlike the regular flour used for making pizza bases .

Al Pesto !
The most awaited pizza of the evening was the multi grain pizza. Well as the name suggests ,the multi grain flour is used for making the pizza base. Its nice to see how the top restaurant are including more and more healthy options in their menu or making the unhealthy ones healthy so we can enjoy the taste and yet not worry about any health issues .Finally the multi grain were served hot straight from the oven. The pizza was nice, I liked the toppings of all the pizzas with the right amount of veggies and cheese .
Multi-grain veg pizza!
Lastly the desserts were served. There were 2 of them; coffee with agar agar and Tuscana's signature vanilla pannacotta.I do not personally like coffee in my desserts so did not quite like the coffee one. The vanilla pannacotta was out of the world, I was too full but could not leave it for anything :).A must try at Tuscana.
Reduced coffee cream dessert with agar agar!!

Traditional Vanilla Panna Cotta with compote of berries!!
The new menu is officially being served from 15/12/2012.Met a lot of people from Chennai food guide,Zomato :)Overall had a nice evening with some great food. Thanks Neha for inviting .It was a delight to meet Mr.Vipin.We were all given a CD of their new menu as we left.

Location-TUSCANA on CHAMIERS by WIlli, No. 89, Chmaiers Road, Alwarpet, Chennai - 35, Diagonally opp. Park Sheraton IN GATE.
Ph No-044 4500 0008
Timings-Lunch between 12.30pm & 3.30pm & dinner between 6.30pm & 11.30pm