Monday, 22 July 2013

Chatuchak market-Bangkok

Chatuchak or Jatujak; weekend market in Bangkok  is the largest market  in THAILAND and the world's largest weekend market. It is also called as JJ market and has an area of about 35acres and  around 15,000 stalls. The market is visited by 200,000 visitors per day.Most stalls open only on the weekend.The market has everything one could imagine.Clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, foods,ceramics,antiques,shoes,jewellery,housewares,soaps and live animals and a lot more that you can not even think of.
It is a shopper's paradise and women cannot help but fall in love with this place.The market is huge and you really need to be sure what you are looking for,else you would be lost in the maze.The market is divided into 27 sections which are colour coded,section 5 and 6 and 10 to 24 are for clothing.Antiques and housewares could be found in sections 22 to 26.Sections 8 and 9 are for the pets where you can find numerous cute stuff for puppies.

The market is huge and the chances of you being lost in the lanes are very high.It is advised to go in a small group.If you find something that you really like please buy it chances are you would never be able to trace back your steps.
Bargaining is your right and you are at the right place so do not hesitate.Though some shops are fixed priced and they do not bargain.Quoting half the price then  gradually increasing slightly would do the trick.

Keep yourself hydrated as you need to walk a lot in the humid weather of Bangkok and this overtly crowded market. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
The pet section has such cute puppies you would feel like taking one along.As a tourist you can't :(
There are lot of options for eating as well,from some hot noodles in the open air stall to some hand made ice creams.

The place is full of energy and crowd.You would literally shop till you drop here and be dead by the time you are done shopping.

The iced tea ,coffee and the ice creams here should definitely be tried.The market is open from 6.00am to 6.00pm Wednesday-Thursday(Plants and flowers),Friday(wholesale),Saturday-Sunday(miscellaneous).

 Carry cash and big bags if you are headed for some serious shopping to Chatuchak.Take care of your belongings,Thailand is a safe country but taking care does not hurt.Go early to avoid crowd.
Chautchak can be reached by skytrain,the nearest staion is Mo chit.Take the exit1 and just follow the crowd they would lead you there.Taxi from Chatuchak to Siam(Indira market) would cost you around 200Bhat.