Friday, 9 August 2013

Athirappilly falls!!

Athirappilly  falls is located around 70km from Kochi. Many tour services offer you variety of option to visit the place. You can chose the best according to your budget, available-time and the size of the group (friends and family). We took a taxi to these falls from Allepey for 2.5K. 
Last leg of the journey to these falls (once you leave the highway) is quite refreshing; thanks to the lush green and dense vegetation surrounding the roads.

Athirappilly falls is a part of Chalakudy river, and the best time to visit is during the monsoon when the falls is in full flow.It is a bit crowded on weekends and the narrow road to the falls  is full of big tour buses and taxis.
 But once you enter,you are blown away by the beauty of this gigantic falls. You can hear the falls roaring from a distance. It is not surprising that many movies have used this scenic location for shooting- Dil se and Guru to name a couple.
Travel Tip
  • It is open from 8 am to 5pm
  • Try reaching the falls at the earliest as it gets progressively crowded as the day progresses
  • If you have an option try visiting this place over a weekday to dodge the crowds

 The falls,milky white,looks beautiful as it flows down.You can also enjoy the beauty up close when you trek down around a km.
The trek is fun while descending but a bit taxing while climbing.It has some uneven steps so you have to be a bit careful as chances of slipping are high.The whole area is covered in a mist.Very difficult to take pictures,you have to be very careful with your cameras and phones here.We took the risk once and managed to get a few shots.

There are changing rooms for both men and women.So if you are up for swimming you can take some extra clothes.

 Swimming is allowed in some areas,where the water is shallow and the flow not that strong.
There a are lot of resorts around the falls which offer some great views of this beauty.You can stay there and enjoy the beauty day and night.
It is definitely one of the must places to visit in Kerala.