Monday, 14 September 2015

Mykonos chora

Mykonos is famous for its architecture,windmills,nightlife and beaches.The island offers something for all ages. Stroll in the city in the mornings,soak the sun in the afternoon and enjoy the nightlife in the bars.
Picturesque cobblestone pavements with quintessential white buildings and blue doors and windows are flanked by many cafes and bars. Many of these offer stunning views. A meal here with the sun setting in the backdrop and candle lights is a must.

Those in need of shopping therapy will find scores of shops selling jewellery, local art, souvenir clothes and accessories, some from major brands like LV, MK and VS. 
Starting from the port, as you walk along the shore line, you will reach Little Venice. The 2 famous bars with the view of the famous Windmillls of Mykonos are here-Katernia and Rhapsody.Have a drink and enjoy the view.
Little Venice


Mykonos is rightly called the Ibiza of Greece.Super paradise beach is known for beach bars and is open all day,you can enjoy the beach activities and party along.Mykonos is also a gay friendly place,there are many gay bars in the city.This place never sleeps,all the bars in the city are open till morning.

You can hire an ATV,bike or car.We hired an ATV in Santorini and it was a lot of fun.As we were staying in the city in Mykonos,and everything is pretty much concentrated in the city itself you can do without a vehicle here.There are buses to and fro to the beaches and airport from the port.The new port is a 5 min walk from city.Everything you want to see-the city,Windmills and Little Venice is in the town.Take an hour stroll with a map and you will see it all.