Friday, 1 July 2016

Ponta da piedade!

The Ponta da Piedade is possibly the most beautiful natural feature of the Algarve coastline.The shoreline is carved by the greatest artists of all.It's our kind of wonderland where water has mesmerizing shades of blue and green which play around all the time with sandstone cliffs,where we jump every time we see a hidden grotto ,caves or an isolated beach.

The views this place offers are simply stunning and can truly keep you immersed for hours. There are different vantage points to look at the stunning scenery.
Views aside, what surprised and impressed me the most is the uninterrupted, undiluted, unbridled experience this place offers. I was not accosted by a vendor trying to sell me stuff; nor did a tour operator approach me repeatedly for a package. Even your walk to the very edge of the cliff is not monitored or restricted by some authorities. You are with the nature along with fellow travellers, that is it. Must visit!!!