Monday, 19 August 2013

Ramzan @ M. Ali Road,Bombay

A visit to this place is a must during the holy month of Ramzan.The food,the madness,the crowd cannot be beaten.The place turns into a huge fare during Ramzan.One has to be there to feel the madness.The small lanes lined with sweet and meat shops and people juggling their way through it,is a sight in itself.You would thoroughly enjoy the trip if you love meat and sweets.

The stalls start  preparing the food around 5pm for iftaar and the feast goes till the wee hours of night.The street is visited by common man and many of the celebrities every year.There are hundreds of  food stalls in the Bohri Mohalla and M. Ali Road.
Below the Minar Masjid is the Suleman mithaiwala,the shop is famous for its Malpuas,firni and Malai-Khaja.Malpua is similar to a pancake which is deep fried in ghee.Handful of dry fruits are added to the malpua,there is egg less malpua as well.One cannot finish a malpua alone,it is huge and fills the stomach after a few bites given it is fried in ghee.The shop has a lot of other sweets as well.

Chicken and mutton kebabs stalls can be found on every lane.I sampled some rolls and kebabs from a few shops,they were soft,well cooked with awesome flavors

Oh,the aroma is heavenly as you pass through these small lanes making your way through the crowd;this is what that keeps you going.You know you are heading in the right direction when you get the smell of the freshly grilled kebabs.
The other sweet which i totally loved was the mango firni.The mango flavour added that extra punch to the firni which made it very different from the normal firni.
These guys have kesar firni as well which I forgot to taste but I am sure it would as amazing as the mango one.

I never imagined food could be so inexpensive.For the amount we pay for a dinner in a fine dining restaurant,you could for a month in these shops.

The taste is similar,if not similar it is better.The food is fresh,cooked right in front of your eyes.

I cannot help having a shawarma even on a full stomach,priced at 20INR it was value for money,
There are stalls selling sewaiyan and dry fruits as well for Eid.

After sampling all the kebabs and rolls and a lot of walking.
It was time for some dessert again.I had never tasted jalebis as mouth watering as this one.
The jalebis are made of Mawa and are as tasty as they can get.They come out pipping hot and are sold out in seconds,just like hot jalebis should :).You might have to wait in a queue for your turn as they vanish the moment they arrive.
Soft and juicy,they are just perfect.The mawa takes it another level.
What could not be eaten was parceled,still a lot has to sampled which should be done during the next Ramzan IA.

The best and easiest way to reach this place is by train.The nearest stations are Churchgate/Marine Drive on western railway and Masjid on harbour railway.From the station you can take a taxi or bus.It is very difficult to drive in this area so avoid driving,even taxis do not go in the evenings in this area.

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