Thursday, 15 August 2013

Things we did in Bangkok!!

Thailand is our favorite holiday destination.Whenever we are confused and not able to decide our destination, we head to Bangkok.It offers almost everything a holiday destination should offer.The country has some of the most beautiful beaches.We have already spoken about Elephant-village,Tiger-temple,Phuket and Pattaya.Talking about the capital,it buzzes with energy and life.It has a lot to offer and we have only managed to explore very little of this beautiful city.
 Shopping-If you want to buy some good stuff which would not burn a hole in your pocket,Bangkok is the right choice.The place is a shopper's paradise. Indira market is open from 6am in the morning,it is a wholesale market and lot of stalls do not sell a single piece.The market is huge and crowded,yes at 6 in the morning.
Indira Market

Chatuchak-market  is a Mecca for shopper's.It has everything from inexpensive clothes to the high end brands.Siam Square is another stop where you can shop till you drop .It is the heart of the city and has some amazing malls like Siam Paragon,MBK,Big C and Central World etc.

The Siam Square is known for it's fashion.It has a BTS station which makes it easily accessible.Siam Paragon houses some of the renowned international brands.Central World has lot of international brands and some local brands as well,the food court is on the top floor and there are a lot of pretty good restaurants in the malls as well.

If you are a gadget freak,there is a mall exclusively for  you too.Stay in Siam if you love shopping.There are n number of hotels in this area. Baiyoke boutique is one we can vouch for;situated near the famous Indira market.

Safari World-This place is situated on the outskirts of Bangkok,almost an hour drive from Bangkok.

It has 2 parks Safari park and Marine Park.Safari park is a 8KM drive through where you get to see animals in an open area from all over the world.

There is a tiger feeding show as well where in a female feeds the tiger and you can watch them eating as you pass past them.

Marine park is the place where you get to see a number of animal performances.The hot fav being the orangutan show and the dolphin show.You are given a map of the place and timings of the shows so you do not miss out on anything in this huge park.

You get to take pictures with these amazing species too.

We clicked pictures with birds,dolphins,sea lions etc :)
 There is an open bird feeding place.The place is like a big hall and the birds are all over and they get attracted by the food in your hand.

It was so much fun they would sit on your hand,head etc.
The giraffe terrace is an amazing experience.You can buy bananas and sweet potatoes at the counter for 50 Baht and then feed the giraffes.The giraffes love Bananas more than sweet potatoes :P they would fight for the bananas and leave the sweet potatoes.It was so much fun feeding them.
You can get pictures with tigers,birds etc as well.You can pay for it and collect the pictures when you leave the Safari World at the exit.There are shops which sell Safari World souvenirs as well.

You can book a tour or go on your own.We booked a private tour which costs around 1800 Baht per person.A group tour would have around ten people an would be around 1400Baht per person .The tour begins at 9am and ends at 5pm so you basically need a whole day.

China Town-This place is again a shopper's paradise and foodies too.The place has amazing stuff at amazingly low price.

From phone accessories to party stuff to girls' accessories the place has everything under one roof.Wear comfortable shoes as you end up spending a whole day here.The street food here is superb.We were lucky enough to visit this place during the Vegetarian festival.
Vegetarian Festival at Chinatown
Restaurant and street stalls put up yellow flags to announce their participation.You will find some mouth watering vegetarian dishes here form tofu patties to spring rolls.

The festival is usually celebrated in the month of October.The iced coffee here is to die for.Do not miss it.We saw a lot of people having it and got tempted to have it and totally loved it.


The Sky bars-The place has quite a few number of sky bars.We choose Vertigo over a lot of other Sky Bars.The reputation of this place is well deserved.It shares its highlight of rooftop dinning with spectacular view with some of the other rooftop bars like Skybar from Hangover 2.

After a long consideration we settled for Vertigo and the place did not disappoint us.The service was impressive,they top up your order with complimentary items.Surprisingly the place did not burn a hole in our pocket.Situated on 62nd floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel,this place is a must visit.Make sure you make a reservation,it is a must.The bar opens at 7pm.

Cafes and Restaurants-The place is known for its Street food.If you are a non vegetarian this place will make your tummy happy.We sampled  a lot of restaurants and cafes as we explored the Siam Square.The streets of Thailand are lined with food stalls.
 Au Bon Pain is the one cafe which we totally fell in love with.
 Siam Paragon has a huge food court and serves almost all the cuisine possible.There are lot of cafes,dessert and ice cream parlours in the mall on all the floors.So when you get tired you can take a break and recharge yourself.
A ride in a tuk-tuk is a must.Do not forget to bargain,you might get ripped otherwise.There were times when we paid 20 Baht and 100 Baht for the same place,sigh.Traffic in Bangkok can get really bad at times,to avoid that take the Sky train.They are quite cheap and fast.
There are  a lot of tourist places like palaces,temples and river cruises.There is a lot more to be explored and we wish to do it soon.

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